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Free Estimate

Fence Wall

Quality Fences 

Having a brand new fence or similar enclosure installed around your home or lawn is a great way to improve the curb appeal, not to mention the value of your residence. At North Sound Fence, we make the process simple and easy. Our dependable team would be happy to serve you, and we know you’ll appreciate our skills -- we work with materials such as vinyl, chain link, wire, and more. So when you’re in the market for quality fences in Everett, WA, you know who to trust. 

Cedar Fencing

Cedar is a classic, eye-catching, and visually distinctive material, and it is perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you want us to install a fence around your garden, at the end of your lawn, or elsewhere, custom cedar fencing is sure to make an impression with your friends and neighbors. We can even assist you if you would like a lattice feature, square-top gates, and round-top gates.

Privacy Fence in Everett, WA

Custom Designs & Installation

Our team is renowned for our dedication to your satisfaction. But not only do we pay great attention to your needs when serving you, we actually work with you to create a custom fencing design that will exactly suit your needs. This way, your fence will be the correct shape and meet your specific dimensions. It will also match your home’s style and it will perfectly compliment your lawn or garden, and will work with the immediate landscape. When it all comes together, it will create a truly beautiful area of which you can be proud.

Quality Workmanship

At North Sound Fence, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards of quality on each and every job. You want a fence or enclosure that will stand up to rough weather and the test of time, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that is what you get. Our knowledge, skills, and attention to detail all work together to create a final product we are proud to have represent us.

Chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is a classic alternative to secure the perimeter of your property. One of our many specializations, this type of fencing is typically used for commercial buildings and factories, but also makes a fantastic alternative for your home as well. Our highly skilled team can come to see the length of the perimeter you want fenced and proceed with a chain link fence installation.

Opting for a chain-link fence is the right decision if you want less sunlight blocked for your beautiful garden. We also recommend it for the social butterfly; you can talk more easily with your neighbors. They are also excellent against environmental wear. UV rays, rain, and snow won’t damage and deteriorate a chain-link fence as it can a traditional wooden fence. If it’s your preference to have a little more visibility of what lies beyond your yard, then we’ll be happy to do a chain-link fence installation. We can also make any repairs and get your fence looking brand new again.

Our team’s top priority is customer satisfaction. We want to work with you through every step of the process so that you’re happy with the results. Opting for chain-link fence is an excellent way of having a more open look to your property. We can help divide your space and make it look nice too.

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